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Game Day Events


A pack lunch and snacks for the day

A refillable drinks bottle (with water in it)

Headphones if they prefer to use them instead of the monitor speakers


Depending on the location of the Event, there will be a number of parking spaces in the vicinity of the building. Please do not park in front of any of the other business ‘s as parking is privately assigned.

Parent/Guardian to sign the child and confirm who will be picking them up and at what time.

Each child will be given a name badge and shown to a computer.


Children will be introduced to Horizon 90 staff. The member of Staff will then orientate the child by showing them around the facilities and explaining the buildings evacuation procedures and routes. Finally, they will explain the schedule for the day, Horizon 90 rules and how to use the PC’s correctly.


We host local(off-line) Minecraft servers which have as range of fun and exciting games to play. We will run the Minecraft games in the morning and following lunch it is free play on the PC’s and consoles consisting of tournaments, competitions and the children can choose the platform they would like to play on.


Shuttle XPC i3, 22” TFT monitor, keyboard, mouse and mouse pads.

5 x High Performance Gaming PCs (Coming Soon)

VR PC’s running Oculus Rift (Coming Soon)

PS3,  PS4’s, Xbox 360 , Xbox One S’s (Coming Soon)


A   LAN party is a gathering of people with computers or compatible game consoles, between which they establish a local area network (LAN) connection between the devices using a router or switch, primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games together.


There will be drink and toilet / eye rest breaks every 55 minutes, these will also help prevent your child becoming over stimulated.


Each child will need to be signed out by the designated pickup Individual on departure. No child will be allowed off site unless we have prior agreement with the parent/guardian.

Private Hire

Who is this for?

Private hire is for anyone and everyone. Whether it is a corporate team building event, stag or hen party, lads/lasses night, or just for the fun of it.

What does this include

You will need to organise the location of the event. If you would prefer Horizon 90 to organise the location, we can provide a number of option for you.

You will also have one of our staff members there to assist to ensure all the equipment runs smoothly.

You can bring your own refreshments and snacks. However we must advise to respect the equipment and to keep food and liquids away from the hardware.
Gaming Parties

What Does a Gaming Party Entail

Anything you want. We have the gaming arena where mass Minecraft games can be played together, such as King if the Hill, Hide and Seek etc… Or if your child prefers Halo, or Call of Duty and similar genre of games. All can be enjoyed together as a group

We will have one member of staff with the party. They are there to assist and to lead the party in the games and fun. They can also provide more guided activities if required. We ask that the parent or guardian responsible for booking the party stays at the venue for the duration of the party.

It would be recommended to have a phone conversation with us to determine what your child loves best.

What is there available for food and refreshments

This is venue/location dependent, but we do have a number of options available – local cafes who we partner with who can provide the catering.

However we must advise to respect the equipment and to keep food and liquids away from the gear.
Event Rules

Horizon 90 want each individual to have the best gaming experience possible. Following the rules will allow all gamers to have fun and enjoy their day. Any violation of the rules could result in that person’s parent/guardian being contacted or asked to leave and be sent home.



Have fun, make friends & talk to others

Respect the building, equipment & our neighbours

Try new games or something different

Share your experience with friends & invite them to come next time



No bad or abusive language

No bullying or aggressive behaviour towards other players or staff

No eating or drinking while gaming or sat at a PC

No running in the building

Do not plug in, touch or interfere with any of the hardware.


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