Our Story

The Beginning

Horizon 90 are a new and dynamic company…

whose objective is to create entertaining, educational and socially inspired events for all ages. As computing and gaming have become a significant influence on today’s society and employment, Horizon 90 have looked to integrate this into a more structured and sociable experience.

Although Horizon 90 has a fresh beginning, its roots have sprang from an already establish North East computer company, Cavtec Systems Limited.  Cavtec was originally set up in 1991 to provide home PC servicing and company contracts providing support and IT solutions. Over the years it has expanded provided larger service contracts nationally and internationally, supplying 1000’s of Shuttle XPCs around the world.

With the resulting recycled units Cavtec would then go on to donate computers to communities in the Philippines which lacked access to technology. In addition to this a local community youth group enquired if they would support an event whereby the youth could play games and still interact with each other. As a result 20 Shuttle PCs were refurbished, games were installed, and then the fun began.

For the last two years Cavtec Systems Ltd has supported Nethermined, a locally organized Minecraft convention at the Northumbria university students union. Over 40 XPC’s were supplied to run Minecraft workshops and retro PC games at the event.

It was after this point Horizon 90 was born.

From this simple start, the evolution continued from providing small gaming events and parties to what is now available, providing social gaming and esports to individuals over the summer. With this development, gaming is now not the only focus, there are workshops also, to provide a foundation for design and creation.

During the summer holidays kids can now experience a variety of fun and learning combined with their other outdoor activities. For the older kids and big kids (Adults) it can simply be an environment where friends can enjoy each other’s company but in the fierce and fun realm of gaming.


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